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Libby Saylor Fine Art

Quarantine 3

Quarantine 3

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Hand-made, miniature collage on cardboard, original sized at 2.5" x 2.5" (not for sale)

I offer high resolution prints of this collage on bright white cardstock and will ship within 5 days of purchase (does not include a mat or frame).


This "Quarantine" series of mixed media work was created while in isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Just weeks before the quarantine, my precious apartment had a mouse problem, and because I am deathly afraid of these critters, I convinced my reluctant partner to let me stay with him in his one-bedroom apartment. We were in the midst of already roughing it together when COVID-19 became a real thing and quarantine was required. My county in Pennsylvania had the first case of outbreaks, so we began isolation in early March 2020. Because my art supplies were in my former apartment, I decided to dig around his place to see what I could find, since I had a hankering to create and was feeling restless, anxious, and sad. Art has always been a healing tool for me during times of darkness. I found a small piece of cardboard, a Sports Illustrated magazine, some scissors and tape, and a few stray markers and colored pencils buried on my partner’s desk. From these materials, I attempted to create small works in my natural mixed media, abstract style. I found the challenge of working with constrained materials was clearly reflecting the emotional and physical constraints I was enduring, and this “making something out of nothing” inspired energy, easily emerged within the pieces themselves. 

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