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Libby Saylor Fine Art

Collage 100

Collage 100

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Hand-made collage on watercolor paper (unframed)

I assembled this collage with a Xerox printout of my own, original photographic imagery, as well as an old family photograph.

Created in 2023 © Libby Saylor.

I will ship this original collage within 2 days of purchase (does not include a mat or frame).

I offer high resolution prints of this collage on bright white cardstock and will ship within 5 days of purchase (does not include a mat or frame).


My mother has been my muse for much of my life. Our relationship was tumultuous as she battled with alcoholism since before I was born, and decades after. However, she was also beautiful, gentle, fragile, hysterical, intelligent, and incredibly creative. The image fragment on top of this collage is from an old photo and shows her torso and a bit of her arm as she was chatting on the telephone (1970's). The bottom portion of this collage is from a Polaroid I took of some items in my old apartment (2002), one of them being a green frog Tiffany lamp that my mother gave me, which I cherished and still have. 

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