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Libby Saylor Fine Art

Collage 113

Collage 113

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Hand-made collage on watercolor paper (unframed)

For this collage, I assembled Xerox printouts of my own, original photographic imagery, and used white artist's tape around the edges, as well as watercolor paint and graphite.

Created in 2023 © Libby Saylor.

I will ship this original collage within 2 days of purchase (does not include a mat or frame).

I offer high resolution prints of this collage on bright white cardstock and will ship within 5 days of purchase (does not include a mat or frame).


This collage is so much more amazing in person, I have to say. I was jumping out of my comfort zone for this one and felt compelled to extend the image over the edge of the frame of white tape. I used watercolors and graphite to extend the leaves because I wanted them to look like they were coming to life, peeking outside an actual window frame. The textures of paint and tape are quite beautiful and delicate when you see them up-close. The top portion of the collage uses an image I shot in college of my neighbor's building, shot from the roof deck of my apartment (2001). I used transparent (slide) film to shoot this roll and then processed the film using C-41 (for negative film). With this process, you can often get color shifts as well as intensity of contrast, and the entire roll of film turned out to be a beautiful tint of blue. The image on the bottom of this collage was from a roll of film I shot on my trip to Italy (2011). It was my first night in Lucca, and I was afraid to go anywhere since I didn't speak the language, so I shot a roll of film from inside my hotel room. The images from this roll were all quite beautiful, quiet, and peaceful. 

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