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Libby Saylor Fine Art

Collage 137

Collage 137

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Hand-made collage on watercolor paper (unframed)

For this collage I assembled Xerox printouts of my own, original photographic imagery.

Created in 2023 © Libby Saylor.

I will ship this original collage within 2 days of purchase (does not include a mat or frame).

I offer high resolution prints of this collage on bright white cardstock and will ship within 5 days of purchase (does not include a mat or frame).


The top portion of this collage uses an image I was just being playful with, placing a scrumpled-up paper towel on the bed of a scanner. I love the fine details that come through, along with the cracks from the laser ink on the page. The bottom portion of this collage uses a self-portrait. I rarely take self-portraits and was nursing myself through a break-up at this time. I was quite emotional, and for some reason, I wanted to capture the moment as I was experiencing it. I couldn't look through the lens to check the focus, and I love how some parts are sharper than others to create an undulating surface effect. 

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